A, B and C are three partners. They altogether invested Rs. 14000 in business. At the end of the year, A got Rs. 337.50, B Rs. 1125 and C Rs. 637.50 as profit. The difference between the investments of B and A was ?

A. Rs. 2200 B. Rs. 3200 C. Rs. 4200 D. Rs. 5250 Answer: Option D
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Solution(By Apex Team)

Ratio of investments of A, B and C = Ratio of their profits $\begin{array}{l} =337.50: 1125: 637.50 \\ =9: 30: 17 \end{array}$ ∴ A’s investment $\begin{aligned}&=\text{ Rs. }\left(14000\times\frac{9}{56}\right)\\ &=\text{ Rs. }2250\end{aligned}$ B’s investment $\begin{aligned}&=\text{ Rs. }\left(14000\times\frac{30}{56}\right)\\ &=\text{ Rs. }7500\end{aligned}$ Hence, Required difference $\begin{array}{l} =\text { Rs. }(7500-2250) \\ =\text { Rs. } 5250 \end{array}$

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