An elevator can carry maximum of 16 passengers with an average weight of 80 kg. However, four boys more than the maximum carrying capacity of the elevator entered it making the average weight as 86 kg and overloading the elevator. What is the average weight of those four boys ?

A. 112 kg

B. 108 kg

C. 110 kg

D. 98 kg

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Solution(By Apex Team)

$\begin{aligned}\text{Passengers}&&\text{Weight}&&\text{Total wight }\\ \text{16}\times&&\text{80}&&=\text{1280}\\ \text{20 }\times&&\text{ 86}&&=\text{1720}\\ \text{Weight of 4 boys}&&&&=\text{ 440}\\ \text{Average weight of 4 boys}&&\\ =\frac{440}{4}&&\\ =110\ \text{kg}&&\end{aligned}$