Dilip, Ram and Avtar started a shop by investing Rs. 2700, Rs. 8100 and Rs. 7200 respectively. At the end of one year, the profit earned was distributed. If Ram’s share was Rs. 3600, what was their total profit ?

A. Rs. 8000 B. Rs. 10800 C. Rs. 11600 D. Data inadequate Answer: Option A
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Solution(By Apex Team)

$\begin{array}{l} \text { Dilip : Ram : Avtar }\\ =2700: 8100: 7200\\ =3: 9: 8 \end{array}$ $\begin{aligned}&\text{Let the total profit be Rs. x}\\ &\text{Then, Ram’s share}\\ &=\text{ Rs. }\left(\frac{9}{20}x\right)\\ &\therefore\frac{9}{20}x=3600\\ &\Rightarrow x=\left(\frac{3600\times20}{9}\right)\\ &\Rightarrow x=8000\\ &\therefore\text{Total profit}=\text{Rs.}\ 8000\end{aligned}$

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