A, B and C start together from the same place to walk round a circular path of length 12km. A walks at the rate of 4 km/h, B 3 km/h and C 3/2 km/h. They will meet together at the starting place at the end of:

A. 10 hours B. 12 hours C. 15 hours D. 24 hours Answer: Option D
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Solution(By Apex Team)

Time taken to complete the revolution: $A \rightarrow \frac{12}{4}$ = 3 hours $\mathrm{B} \rightarrow \frac{12}{3}=4$ hours $C \rightarrow 12 \times \frac{2}{3}=8$ hours Required time, = LCM of 3, 4, 8. = 24 hours.

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