A person sold a horse at a gain of 15%. Had he bought it for 25% less and sold it for Rs. 600 less, he would have made a profit of 32%. The cost price of the horse was

A. Rs. 3,750 B. Rs. 3,250 C. Rs. 2,750 D. Rs. 2,250 Answer: Option A
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Solution(By Apex Team)

$\begin{aligned}\mathrm{SP}&=X+15\%\text{ of }X&\\ &=\frac{115X}{100}&\\ &=\text{ Rs. }\frac{23x}{20}&\\ &\text{New CP}=x-25\%\ \text{of}\ X&\\ &=\frac{75x}{100}=\frac{3x}{4}&\\ &\text{New SP}=\frac{3x}{4}+32\%\ \text{of}\ \frac{3x}{4}&\\ &=\text{Rs.}\ \frac{99x}{100}&\\ &\text{According to the question,}&\\ &\frac{23x}{20}-\frac{99x}{100}=600&\\ &\text{ Or, }\frac{115x-99x}{100}=600&\\ &16x=600\times100&\\ &X=600\times\frac{100}{16}&\\ &=\text{ Rs. }3750&\end{aligned}$

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