In an exam, the average marks obtained by Jhon in English, Math, Hindi and Drawing were 50. His average mark in Maths, Science, Social Studies and Craft were 70. If the average mark in all seven subjects is 58, his score in Maths was.

A. 50

B. 52

C. 60

D. 74

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Solution(By Apex Team)

$\begin{array}{l}\mathrm{E}+\mathrm{M}+\mathrm{H}+\mathrm{D}=50\times4=200\\ \mathrm{M}+\mathrm{S}\cdot\mathrm{S}+\mathrm{S}+\mathrm{C}=70\times4=280\\ \hline \mathrm{M}+(M+E+H+D+S.S+S+C)=480\\ \mathrm{M}+(58\times7)=480\\ \mathrm{M}=480-406\\ \text{M = 74 marks}\end{array}$