Motion and measurements of distances for class 6th

Motion and measurements of distances chapter of class 6 is very important for students. This chapter has questions and answers on topics like different modes of transport used to go from one place to another, measurement, SI units of measurement, the concept of meter, motion in a straight line, rectilinear motion, circular motion, and periodic motion.

Objective Test:-


Motion and Measurements for distances Subjective Test 1:-

Q.01- Arrange the following lengths in their increasing order.[1 Mark]
1 meter, 1 centimeter, 1 Kilometer, 1 millimeter

Q.02- What is the need of standard unit for measurements? [2 Marks]

Q.03- Why is foot not used as the standard unit of length? [ 2 Marks]

Q.04- Discuss the significance of measurement. Give examples where you use measurement. [ 3 Marks]

Q.05- What do you mean by multiple motions? Explain it with an example.[ 3 Marks]

Q.06- Classify the following into different types of motion.
1) The motion of man on a straight road.
2) The motion of wheels of a car.
3) The motion of a vertically falling stone.

Q.07- Write the similarities and differences between the motion of a bicycle wheel and a ceiling fan that has been switched on.[ 5 marks]

Q.08- How can you measure the length of a curved line? [ 5 Marks]

Q.09- What are the different modes of transport? Give two examples for each. [ 5 Marks]


Motion and Measurements for distances  Subjective Test 2:-


NCERT Examplar Multiple Choice Questions:-

NCERT Examplar Very Short Questions:-

These solutions will assist you in understanding the important topics which will be helpful in your future studies. In order to score good marks, students are advised to study the answers thoroughly. A proper understanding of this chapter will also help the students with a few other chapters in higher classes. Every question is explained concisely in simple language to better understand the students.