Of the four numbers, the first is twice the second, the second is one-third of the third and the third is 5 times the fourth. The average of the numbers is 24.75. The largest of these numbers is-

A. 9 B. 25 C. 30 D. None of these Answer: Option D
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Solution(By Apex Team)

$\begin{aligned}&\text{Let the fourth number be x}\\ &\text{Then, third number = 5x}\\ &\text{Second number =}\frac{5x}{3}\ \text{and}\\ &\text{First number =}\frac{10x}{3}\\ &x+5x+\frac{5x}{3}+\frac{10x}{3}=(24.75\times4)\\ &\Rightarrow11x=99\\ &\Rightarrow x=9\end{aligned}$ So, the numbers are 9, 45, 15 and 30 ∴ Largest number = 45

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