Q.86- The marks of six boys in a group are 48, 59, 87, 37, 78 and 57. What are the average marks of all six boys?
Q.87- Six numbers are arranged in decreasing order. The average of the first five numbers is 30 and the average of the last five numbers is 25. The difference of the first and the last numbers is.
Q.88- The average of 12 numbers is 15 and the average of the first two is 14. What is the average of the rest?
Q.89- My Scooty gives an average of 40 kmpl of petrol. But after recent filling at the new petrol pump, its average dropped to 38 kmpl. I investigated and found out that it was due to adulterated petrol. Petrol pimps add kerosene, which is $$\frac{2}{3}$$ cheaper than petrol, to increase their profits. Kerosene generates excessive smoke and knocking and gives an average of 18 km per 900 ml. If I paid Rs. 30 for a litre of petrol, What was the additional amount the pump-owner was making?
Q.90- The body weight of seven students of a class is recorded as 54 kg, 78 kg, 43 kg, 82 kg, 67 kg, 42 kg and 75 kg. What is the average body weight of call the seven students?