Q.116- The average marks obtained by 22 candidates in an examination are 45. The average marks of the first ten are 55 and that of the last eleven are 40. The number of marks obtained by the 11th candidates is.
Q.117- The average of 10 numbers is 40.2. Later it is found that two numbers have been wrongly added. The first is 18 greater than the actual number and the second number added is 13 instead of 33. Find the correct average.
Q.118- The average height of 35 girls in a class was calculated as 160 cm. It was later found that the height of one of the girls in the class was wrongly written as 144 cm, whereas her actual height was 104 cm. What is the actual average height of the girls in the class? ( rounded off to 2 digits after decimal).
Q.119- A student obtained the following marks in percentage in his semester examination English 50, Maths 65, Statistics 70, Economics 58 and Accountancy 63. The weights of these subjects are 2, 2, 1, 1 and 1 respectively. What is the weighted arithmetic mean?
Q.120- Visitor to a show were charged Rs. 15 each on the first day, Rs. 7.50 each on the second day and Rs. 2.50 each on the third day. The attendance on the three days was in the ratio 2 : 5 : 13. The average charge per person for the whole show was.