Q.61- The average temperature on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was 20°. The average temperature on Thursday, Friday and Saturday was 24°. If the temperature on Saturday was 27°, what was the temperature on Wednesday?
Q.62- When a student weighing 45 kgs left a class, the average weight of the remaining 59 students increased by 200g. What is the average weight of the remaining 59 students?
Q.63- The difference between two angles of a triangle is 24°. The average of the same two angles is 54°. Which one of the following is the value of the greatest angle of the triangle?
Q.64- The average age of a family of 5 members is 20 years. If the age of the youngest member be 10 years then what was the average age of the family at the time of the birth of the youngest member?
Q.65- Which one of the following numbers can be removed from the set S = {0, 2, 4, 5, 9} without changing the average of set S?