Q.131- There are three positive numbers. One third of the average of all the three numbers is 8 less than the value of the highest number. The average of the lowest and the second lowest number is 8. What is the highest number?
Q.132- Average score of a class of 60 students, in an exam, was 43. Average score of the students who had passed is 52 and the average score of students who had failed is 16. How many failed the exam?
Q.133- The average weight of boys in a class is 30 kg and the average weight of girls in the same class is 20 kg. If the average weight of the whole class is 23.25 kg, what could be the possible strength of boys and girls respectively in the same class?
Q.134- The mean monthly salary paid to graduating MBA class of a management institute is Rs. 16000. The mean monthly salary paid to students with work experience is Rs. 18000. The corresponding figure for the students without any work experience is Rs. 12000. Determine the percentage of students with work experience and those without any work experience in the class.
Q.135- The monthly incomes of five persons are Rs. 1132, Rs. 1140, Rs. 1144, Rs. 1136 and Rs. 1148 respectively. What is their arithmetic mean?