Q.186- In a 20 over match, the required run rate to win is 7.2. If the run rate is 6 at the end of the 15th over, the required run rate to win the match is :
Q.187- The average marks of 14 students was 71. It was later found that the marks of one of the student has been wrongly entered as 42 instead of 56 and another as 74 instead of 32. What is the correct average ?
Q.188- The average of 5 consecutive integers starting with ‘m’ is n. What is the average of 6 consecutive integers starting with (m + 2)?
Q.189- If average of 20 observations$$\mathbf{x}_{1}, \mathbf{x}_{\mathbf{2}}, \ldots \ldots \mathbf{x}_{\mathbf{2 0}}$$ is y, then the average of x1 - 101, x2 - 101, x3 - 101, . . . . . x20 - 101 is :is :
Q.190- In a class, there are 40 boys and their average age is 16 years. One boy, aged 17 years, leaving the class and another joining, the average age becomes 15.875 years The age of the new boy is :