Q.216- If the average of 6 consecutive even number is 25, the difference between the largest and the smallest number is :
Q.217- In a class, the average score of girls in an examination is 73 and that of boys is 71. The average score for the whole class is 71.8. Find the percentage of girls :
Q.218- The average age of 9 students and their teacher is 16 years. The average age of the first four students is 19 years and that of the last five is 10 years. The teacher’s age is –
Q.219- Total weekly emoluments of the workers of a factory is Rs. 1534. Average weekly emolument of a worker is Rs. 118. The number of workers in the factory is :
Q.220- B was born when A was 4 years 7 months old and C was born when B was 3 years 4 months old. When C was 5 years 2 months old, then their average age was :