The average age of P, Q and R is 15 years more than R’s age. If the total age of P and Q together is 39 years, then R’s age is ?.

A. 12 years B. 24 years C. 16 years D. 14 years
Answer: Option A
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Solution(By Apex Team)

$\begin{array}{l}\frac{P+Q+R}{3}=\mathrm{R}+5\\ \mathrm{P}+\mathrm{Q}+\mathrm{R}=3\mathrm{R}+15\\ \mathrm{P}+\mathrm{Q}-2\mathrm{R}=15\ldots\text{ (i) }\\ \mathrm{P}+\mathrm{Q}=39\ldots\ldots\text{ (ii) }\\ \text{From equation (i) and (ii)}\\ \text{39 – 2R = 15}\\ \text{2R = 24}\\ \text{R = 12 years}\end{array}$

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